A cruisy run through sections of preserved trees









The Symphony Express offers great views and a more quiet feel due to its more isolated locations.

Along with these features comes a variety of great intermediate cruising runs that are regularly groomed, long and fun.

As a result, they are also quite busy and popular, but Jeff's Ode to Joy spaces out enough lower down to ensure that everyone gets their own large amount of space.

Taking a left at the top of the Symphony Express will lead you down into the tree line where you will find many options of mini-tree runs where trees have been preserved, but there are not necessarily enough trees to really call it 'gladed' skiing.

Certain portions of the trail might be icy or feature occasional moguls due to high traffic.

Lower down there are a plethora of options, all selectively thinned runs that are well marked and run to the bottom of the Symphony Express.

Truly a unique zone, this is one of the best groomers around!