Quick tight chute to medium sized fast air









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Prince of Darkness would be a great classic Bridger Bowl style run if Mad Man's didn't get skied as often as it does.

The run out of P.o.D.

is almost always tracked out, and can get pretty hairy as you head super fast towards the North Bowl Road.

That being said, if you can get in here early on a powder day, or late season, this is a great exciting run.

There will always be high quality snow in the upper part, this thing rarely gets skied.

Get yourself on the Teton Traverse.

Once you're on, look down and to the right, just left of the rock spine you'll see the upper chute.

It's pretty tight, and you probably won't be able to hop turn into it.

Point it and be ready to shrug out to the left onto a small pad, or head right directly towards the 10-15ft cliff.

If you take this latter choice, you'll have lots of speed, and will make the cliff significantly larger.

Ski strong, and be ready to shut it down in about 150ft before the road.