Steep rocky face to a pad above a very large cliff









FATMAP difficulty grade



Dry Martini should only be skied later in the year when there is ample snow to fill in all the rocks.

It is an alternate exit of Coneheads, where you head left once it starts to roll over to the bottom.

There is an option for big air, or you can merely ski around to the outrun of 6th Grade and not have to catch any air.

Follow Coneheads till it rolls over at the bottom, head left, and start making your way down a steep rocky headwall.

This will lead to a large flat pad.

Either take the easy way to the left, and ski out under 6th Grade, or head fall line to a very large air.

You can take this air in a number of different ways.

Skier's right, middle, or left.

They are all pretty decent but the right and middle are usually larger.

The landing is pretty flat, so hope there is a large soft pile to land in.

This area gets lots of sun, so be prepared for a rough landing, even on a powder day.