A beautiful and varied loop through some barren mountains.


2 - 3









FATMAP difficulty grade



This is a truly gorgeous ride which is incredibly varied in terms of both scenery and riding.

It can be started from anywhere on the road section but parking where we've suggested means that you get the road section out of the way first, and emerge from a jeep track directly back to the car at the end of the day. Start out by descending some fun, fast hairpins on the road and then branching off left and heading up Oberweg - the higher of the 2 main roads in the Navis valley.

Follow this as it winds through tiny hamlets and past some gorgeous, rustic farms.

Eventually the road leads to the tiny settlement of Grünhöfe.

Pass through this and then just before reaching a carpark branch off left onto a jeep track signposted for the Peer Alm and Seapnalm.

Stay on the jeep track as it climbs at a nice angle up the hillside north of Navis.

There are signposts at every junction so just keep following signs for the Seapnalm.

The climb is straightforward enough and is mainly in the forests but as you near the Seapnalm the trees begin to thin out and the view begins to reveal itself - and what a view it is! The legendary ski touring peaks on the opposite side of the valley look amazing in summer and you can also see the snow covered peaks of the Tuxer Alps in the distance too. Shortly after leaving the forests you'll arrive at the incredibly rustic Seapnalm.

The building is half stone, half wood and completely unique.

Grab a drink and a bite to eat and soak in the epic view.

Leave the Seapnalm and immediately head south on an initially quite steep, rocky track which climbs up towards Hirschstein.

In contrast to the jeep track leading to the Seapnalm, the track leaving it is rough and - in places - tricky to ride. The track leads to a fabulous flat area just to the north of Hirschstein peak, from where you have a great view into the Gschnitztal Valley on the far side of the Wipptal.

A stunning traverse, high above the Navis valley then leads to the beginning of the descent. Initially the descent is excellent, rocky trail riding with no major obstacles but enough technicality to keep things interesting.

After passing the Mieslalm you're on jeep track but it's a fun, smooth jeep track where (if you're feeling brave and don't allow yourself to wonder what would happen if you get a front puncture) you can really let rip.

The jeep track emerges right at the parking area where your car will be waiting for you.