A high-altitude circular walk to explore Lake Lagazuoi.


3 - 4









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At the Falzarego Pass, take the cable car, which takes you quickly up to just below the mountain lodge Rifugio Lagazuoi.

The lodge, renowned for its local cuisine and traditional interiors, has one of the most spectacular terraces of the Dolomites. Take track n° 401 and set off downhill until you reach the gully Forcella Lagazuoi.

Here, follow track n° 20 and when it forks, take the right-hand path, which leads you down the narrow valley for about 400 m vertical distance, with the faces of Lagazuoi Gran and Cime di Fanes on your right, until you reach the lake.

After having enjoyed the view of the lake in its setting of Dolomitic peaks, return to the fork and follow track n° 20 until you reach the mountain lodge Rifugio Scotoni, famous for its grilled specialities.

Here the environs are less rocky, and there are cattle and lamas grazing in the surrounding pastures. To return to the starting point, from Rifugio Scotoni walk back uphill on track n° 18B until you reach the gully Forcella Salares, and then take track n° 20A to return to the gully Forcella Lagazuoi.

From here, walk back to the like-named mountain lodge and take the cable car back down.