A remote walk into a small hut, crossing a dry glacier









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The Bordier Hut is out of the way of many of the busy tourist hubs and is set in a remote location, with impressive glacial views.

This is the traditional base to do the Nadelgrat traverse, finishing at the Mischabel Hut.

In good conditions though it is possible to do the Nadelgrat from the Mischabel Hut too, which makes logistics easier.

However, in the latter case, the descent from the Windjoch may prove problematic, needing to traverse the Ulrichshorn too, hence describing this hut approach.

Local advice from the guardian of the Mischabel Hut, or the local guides office, may influence your decision either way, if the Nadelgrat is your chosen objective for the following day. Start your walk in from the village of Gasenried.

Walk S along a private road, crossing the main glacial outflow river, the Riedbach, at 1670m.

Continue up through the trees on N facing slopes, passing points 1740m, 1998m and 2053m.

You emerge from the trees and the small pasture of Alpja at 2099m, with its chalet, is a good place to take a break.

From here up you are heading onto moraine and the path steepens, eventually meeting another major path at 2707m.

A little further on, at about 2750m the path kinks to the L, crossing the dry Ried Glacier.

In very early season this may be snow covered, in which case normal glacial roping up is prudent.

When bare ice this won’t be necessary.

A final short rise up leads to the hut at 2883m.