The last day of the “Cortina Dolomiti Ultra Trekking” trek takes you back to the starting-point in the centre of Cortina d'Ampezzo, after having walked for about 130 km with a total ascent of 6,700 m.


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The final day of our multi-stage trek starts from Rifugio Croda da Lago, walking downhill on track n° 432 towards Malga Federa.

Once you have reached the Malga, take the spectacular new Gores de Federa track which runs through gullies, canyons and past waterfalls, then rejoining track n° 432.

Continue on track n° 432 until you meet track n° 406 on the left.

Take this path until you reach the intersection with track n° 431, and then go right and continue until you reach Lake d’Ajal.

From the mountain lodge Rifugio Lago d’Ajal, carry on downhill on track n° 430 until you reach Lake Pianozes, and continue walking to the traditional Ladin village of Campo di Sopra.

The rough “ex polveriera” track, named after what used to be the gunpowder magazine, takes you to the Revis car park where you catch your first glimpses of Cortina’s bell tower.

Once you have reached the centre of Cortina, you will have completed the trek, after a circular route of about 130 km with approximately 6,700 m total ascent, walking amongst Ladin villages, and some of the most beautiful mountains, lakes and rivers in the world. Approximate hiking times: From Rifugio Croda da Lago (2,046 m) to Malga Federa (1,816 m), about 40 minutes From Malga Federa (1,816 m) to the centre of Cortina (1,211 m), about 3 h