Some of the most technical terrain at CBMR, Highlife is only advised when you know exactly where you are going.









Highlife is some of the rowdiest terrain at Crested Butte.

There really isn't any non-mandatory air way down.

There are two entrances to Highlife.

The primary entrance is from the Spellbound entrance after the 5-10 minute sidestep, you'll see a gate on your left and a sign for Highlife.

The traverse passes up and to your left, crossing over a hanging cliff field with a 25 foot cliff into it over Spellbound Glades.

You'll continue over a chute that looks like it probably goes, and if the snow is really good, you might be able to find a way down the Toilet Bowl Chute.

As you continue traversing, there are many mandatory air line options from 10-25 feet that continue all the way over to the Highlife Ramp.

Basically, if you don't see tracks already, don't go because you'll probably get cliffed out.

Basically don't go if you haven't been before and do not have a competent guide.

All the way over on the left side of Highlife is the entrance from Fredo's and the Highlife Ramp.

The Highlife Ramp is a sidestepping down traverse that usually has a crux hop-turn move to access the main Highlife Ramp.

Again this is better attempted when you know exactly where you are going.

Depending on where you go in Highlife, you can finish on the Million Dollar Highway traverse that ends under the Spellbound Glades or Spellbound Bowl.

The skiing and riding in High Life is no joke and do not underestimate the gravity of the situation should you choose to enter, the entire area is a "No-Fall-Zone".

Remember that exiting the Phoenix and Third Bowl areas requires a 5-15 minute sidestep hike.