One of the biggest black pistes in Sierra Nevada.









This is one of the biggest black pistes in Sierra Nevada.

At the top of the Montebajo chairlift you will find on your right the access to Fuente del Tesoro black run.

You will have to follow a little path to find the entrance of the piste.

When you arrive, you will find a tinny rocks house, the start of the slalom and big competitions.

This is a very beautiful piste and it's very enjoyable, although only for experts.

If you are not an expert then you will have a tough time.

Think twice before starting, there will not be a way out after and this is a very exigent piste.

The start of the piste is very steeped and in the middle it gets flatter.

You can choose to follow it down to the river, to the Tubo del Enebro or to Paso. This is the official piste for GS races and for world cup championships Ramp: 285 m Length: 942 m Surface: 49014 m2