Fishbowl is a small, fun, natural bowl just between Buckley and lower International









The Fishbowl once held the X Games.

Yes, that X Games.

My, how times have changed.

A small, natural bowl just lookers left of Buckley as you're riding the Silver Queen Express, the trail is flanked by the West Wall road and lower International on the skier's right and aspen trees leading to Peachtree lift and back to West Wall lift on the left.

From West Wall lift you just take a left when you get off the lift and follow the cat track.

When the terrain dips off to your left after crossing under the Silver Queen Express, that's Fishbowl.

You can also access Fishbowl from Championship and going right at the top of West Wall lift or skiing International and taking a left on a cat track before the last steep pitch.

There are often small rollers as the terrain flattens out and joins lower International.

Airing into Fishbowl or out of Fishbowl on the left is a common occurrence if you like that kind of stuff and have some speed.