A steep cruisy groomer with spectacular views









Majestic is a black groomer in Revelation Bowl that can be easily accessed from the top of the Gold Hill Express (lift 14).

Get off of the Gold Hill Express and head right, into Revelation Bowl, where Majestic awaits to take you into it's amazing terrain with spectacular views.

Majestic is short and steep, with well groomed snow that is especially great in the morning, when the sun is shining brightly throughout Revelation Bowl.

This run is steepest at the top, and stays steep until the bottom, where you can cruise right down to the Revelation Lift (lift 15) and head back up for another run in Revy Bowl.

This run is great for the advanced skier looking to access the awesome terrain that Revelation Bowl has to offer.

Majestic can be icy, with flat light in the afternoon, so its best to hit this run in the morning or early afternoon to ensure the best possible conditions.