Nub's Knob has some awesome aspen tree skiing in steeper terrain in the Bakery Trees.


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In the lower Bakery Trees, there is a large rise in the aspens after the cat track Conundrum crosses the Bakery Trees.

You can traverse around the Nub, trying to stay high, or side step straight up the open point to get 30-50 feet higher for extra pow.

If you drop to your right into the open glades, the pitch descends back into the Bakery Trees as another cat track crosses the tree area.

Staying on the traverse can put you on the left into steep and tighter aspen trees where hop turns are key to success.

Sometimes this can be amazing skiing when you get first tracks.

The terrain benches out in the thick aspens as it rolls over a couple cat tracks into Lower Gallowich towards the bottom of the East River Express.