A steep rocky run with a closeout choke on the far skier's left of Sock it to Me Ridge.


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Cess Pool is a a steep rocky run with a closeout choke before it opens back up at to finish.

It is accessed from the top of the Sock it to Me Ridge.

From there, ski left past Little Hourglass to where Cess Pool begins with an relatively open (a few trees) apron that descends towards a choke move.

In low snow years, the choke can be over two feet high, and requires careful decisive moves.

There are variations to the left and right, including a fun larger drop on the skier's left side of the choke.

There is also a fun tree chute that fills in nicely on good snow years.

It is bordered by Little Hourglass on the skier's right, and Phaser trees on the skier's left.

Exit via the cat road at the bottom which dumps you out on East River's Black Eagle.