Morning Woods offers challenging, tight tree skiing for expert skiers off the backside of Headwall and on the skier's left of Teocalli Bowl.


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Morning Woods has various rolling pitches skier's left of Morning Glory / Teo Tongue, under Solar Glaze, and at any time on the Morning Glory reach around traverse back to Headwall.

You can ski in the trees off the skier's left of Morning Glory along a formed traverse, known as the reach around, in the woods and drop to your right at any time.

The further you go, you'll get under Solar Glaze and still be able to drop to the right.

If you ski off Solar Glaze to the left you can ski mellow pitches through tight trees that eliminate part of the Exit to Paradise Hike.

If you stay on the pitch as it's steepness rolls right, you'll eventually finish on the Teo Tongue at the bottom of Teocalli Bowl or if you go somewhere in between you'll end up on the Exit to Paradise.

You have to hike the Exit to Paradise to get back to Paradise Bowl, about a 5-15 minute hike depending where you end on Morning Woods.