Steep glades to the east of Easter Bowl (49)









Tight trees to the left of the popular Easter Bowl (49), although shorter than its infamous neighbour this run is steeper and consequently tends to be deeper! Take the White Pass Quad up to the top of the Currie Bowl and ski down to the Reverse Traverse, a popular ski track that traverses along the top of the northern ridge of the Currie Bowl.

Take this traverse all the way along the top of the ridge passing the Saddles (93-96), the Currie Chutes (27-31) and finally above the Big Three (32-34) before the traverse begins to wrap around the ridge into the Lizard Bowl.

Here the ski track will end at the top of a wide open bowl, the infamous Easter Bowl (49).

Ski to the left side of the run looking for an opening in the trees that will be about a hundred feet down.

Traverse into the top of the run and be prepared for some of the best glades on the mountain! The initial section of the run is large tight pine trees before the run opens up in its lower half which is mellows out in its pitch.

The lower half of the run is often skied by those coming out of the Easter Bowl (49) beside it before it merges into the top of Freeway (48).