Hard Slab is great introduction to the more technical aspects of the North Face with open powder fields and rocky entrances.









Hard Slab is often overlooked as many people traverse over it through the notch entrances to Hawk's Nest and Million Dollar Highway, or ski left around it to the glades.

There are two main entrances, the upper notch, which has an obvious traverse leading right under the North Face Cliffs and Fredo's to the aforementioned Hawk's Nest and MDH traverse.

The lower notch is better used to ski down Hard Slab to Old Pro on the right or towards Honey Pie and the Glades on the left.

Both the notch entrances can be rocky but very easily navigated.

There is a medium-sized cliff towards the bottom skier's left area of Hard Slab known as Waterfall with 5-15 foot options.

From this area go left to get into the Glades or right to get into Treeline and Old Pro.

You have the "Easy Out" Exit To Paradise below Old Pro and it wraps around under the Glades as well.