Rolling pitches and gullies through trees, the Glades has something for everyone from fun pillow and rock features to mellow powder terrain.


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The Glades can be a powder paradise after a storm or the perfect introduction to off-piste gladed terrain off of the North Face Lift.

Refer to the unmarked / freeride section for more details on the specific runs, but you can access the Glades by coming down from the North Face Lift off of Avery, or taking the Low Notch entrance off of Rachel's, continuing straight ahead from there or getting part of Hard Slab and coming back left after the Honey Pie double black diamond marker or the Waterfall cliff.

Honey Pie marks the initial wide open area with trees on the left and right.

You can bear right to hit a small pitch known as Quick's to get over towards Powder Rock Glade above "Easy Out" and Rambo or stay relatively straight to roll into parts of Stevie's onto the Paradise Lift Glade above the "Easy Out" Exit to Paradise and Pinball.

You can head hard left from Honey Pie to get into the Tower 11 Chutes and Tower 10 Glades.

All of this terrain funnels back into options to the Paradise Express or East River Express.

If you find yourself above any exposure in this area it's usually very easy to traverse around.