A classic descent into Mayrhofen.









As seen from the village, the last section of the downhill run from the Ahorn looks frightening to some, but exhilarating to others.

It is a steep and straight white line indeed, but skiers who have a good parallel steering technique, and who can manage to control their speed at all times, will be thrilled.

Starting at the bottom of the Ebenwald lift, the first section of the 5 starts off quite wide, but soon narrows down.

A mountain path through the forest leads to the next steep section - a pattern which continues for the entire run.

Once you have passed Alpengasthaus Wiesenhof on the left-hand side, the last section is soon to come.

At this altitude, snow is often produced with the help of snow cannons.

When the snowfall has been poor, this section can be very icy.

Once you have mastered this classic slope, the last hurdle to overcome before you can ride into Mayrhofen like a king, is the intersection with a mountain road that's used by taxis - so take care.