Lower Third Bowl is a great section of Third Bowl as the extreme terrain mellows out.









Third Bowl's second terrain bench after the upper terrain is known as Lower Third Bowl and is accessible from a traverse across Phoenix Bowl under Moosehead that comes in under High Exit.

Low Exit has an option back into Phoenix Bowl onto Phoenix Chutes over the permanently closed area Big Hourglass; the Solar Junkyard and Magic Carpet offer steep skiing along the rope line on your left back towards Main Third Bowl.

If you've stayed right the whole time along the rope line after Smuggler's Knob you can get into Big Tree Chute towards the bottom of Third Bowl.

Main Third Bowl has advanced rolling terrain to the bottom resort boundary.

There is a 5-10 minute cat track traverse back towards the East River Area that goes under the permanently closed area, Big Hourglass, and under Phoenix Bowl and Staircase back through the trees to Black Eagle and the East River Express.