Hall of Fame is a Permanently Closed area off the peak over rocks and very exposed chutes into Upper Banana.


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Hall of Fame is a permanently closed area off of the NW side of the peak.

It has been used for the Extremes freeride event once back in the 90s and athletes had to descend off of the peak with ropes before skiing the super steep chutes into the Upper Banana.

You will be arrested by the Mt.

Crested Butte Police if you ski this during the CBMR season.

It is best to just let this one sit as a nice view.

If you really want to ski it, wait until after the resort is closed and even then the snow pack has to be very stable as a fall likely will end in serious injury or death.

After you have made it onto the main pitch you can open up a few turns as the main bowl hits the High Traverse and Banana.