Long, tight, steep chute into an open apron









FATMAP difficulty grade



Sometimes is a great due North facing run that can challenge even hardened skiers.

It will always have good quality snow in the crux, but sometimes it can get hammered by skiers side slipping down the steep section.

Once through the narrows, it dog legs right into a long open apron above the North Bowl Road.

Getting here is easy, simply ski North right off the top of the Bridger hike.

You may want to follow the track of the Patrol lift for a little while, then head left before it rolls over steeper.

You you will be facing North, down the upper funnel of Sometimes.

There is a large rock spine right in the middle of this section, and you will have to decide which side to take.

This area is known to be rocky for most of the season, do your best to get through.

Once past the rock spine, you will get about 75 feet of great turns in a 30ft wide alley before making a right at the dog leg, and the junction with Lewis and Clark.

Ahead of you lies 300ft of beautiful fall line skiing in a wide apron, ending at the North Bowl Road.