Short rolling gladed run on the top of the Timber Bowl









Starting at the right side of the top of Heartland (7) the main trail winds down a groomed cat track while other options for skiing powder exist in the glades to the side of the cat track.

The run descends through the trees at the top of the Timber Bowl before it ends by merging onto 100%(100) right above the start of Puff (5).

If you want the best gladed run it is best to stop at the top of the run and hike up the small hill adjacent to the start of the cat track in between Milky Way (9) and Falling Star (1).

If you decide to do the hike just make sure you ski down the east side of the hill as the west side will lead you back to Falling Star (1).

This run can be a great place to find powder in the trees if your willing to make the short hike.