Long steep fall line chute with technical sections









FATMAP difficulty grade



Job 3 is a great top to bottom run, especially in higher snow.

It is a great first run on a powder day late in the year, and can hold chalky buff many days.

The snow in Job 3 stays cold and doesn't often have moguls.

There is a really technical section at the top of the second part.

You start by skiing North of Fort Benton down a steep rocky louge, be very careful in this area, a fall could be serious.

Once past the rocky louge, look for the prayer flags to your right, Job 3 starts under these flags.

If coming from the Bridger hike, go past Morning Glory Bowl and spot the Prayer Flags.

It starts as decently wide hop turns that angle a little left for about 200 feet.

Then the bottom of Morning Glory meets up, and there is usually a traverse to the South, early in the season, this bail out is recommended.

Going further down, it is open for a couple of turns before cruxing down pretty good at a block rock.

Make your way to the around this fall line, or you can choose to go far left, making you way down very steep technical trees.

Once back into the gut of Job 3, you will be afforded many awesome fall line turns with a aesthetic rock face on your right.

This lower part of Job 3 runs out directly into the Z Fan, and you finally can let em run in this wide open powder field.