-Trail Less Travled









- "Iron Horse" is a long trail in the middle of The Backside area and is a trail that does not tend to get as much traffic as the other Backside trails.

To access you can come off "Comstock" ski down and stay skiers left and find the drop in or go left off of "Backside Express" and take sweeping right connection trail passing "Polaris" where you will come across the drop in.

As you begin to ski, you will notice that the trees to the skiers right are very steep and heavily wooded.

This area is for the most part not skiable but the trees to skiers left are more wide open and at a more inviting pitch to be skied.

"Iron Horse" is straight for the most part until you get half way down where you can take a left onto "Backdoor" or continue straight to the bottom area where you will see "Why Not" to skiers right.

The trail leads to the bottom of "Promised Land Express" or you can stay right and get to the bottom of "Backside Express".