Close Call is the left hand entrance of Third Bowl with demanding, tight, tree chutes through rocks that open up to a fun pitch.


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Close Call can be glorious in powder but can be demanding in hard pack as you make tight turns through the trees.

It is found on the left-hand side from the top of Third Bowl.

You'll have some tight trees to navigate before the pitch opens up for fun, steep skiing.

You'll have options from Close Call to head left into Lookout back into Phoenix Bowl, or traverse past that gate to get on top of Solar Plexus for big pillow lines in sun-affected snow; High Exit is found to the left of Solar Plexus where you can catch Moosehead if it is open or Low Exit back into Phoenix Bowl.

You can follow the natural drainage to the right under Upper Parachute to ski Lower Parachute or traverse right to Good Luck Glades.