A great blue run with bumps on the left and groomer on the right!









Black Eagle forms the looker's left flank of the East River area.

When you get off of East River Express head left and go past the Ski Patrol Shack following the signs for Black Eagle.

The trail starts as a mellow groomer and then as it banks left down hill the pitch picks up and is great for intermediate skiers or beginners looking to progress their bumps or carving technique.

The skier's left tends to be ungroomed and where the bumps are and the skier's right is the groomer.

About halfway down the trail a trail from the bottom of Third Bowl, Spellbound/Phoenix/Staircase areas joins from the right side of the trail.

Black Eagle will continue to wrap around the woods on you skier's left and the resort boundary on the right as it is joined by Double Top Glades and is a mellow groomer once again as the trail terminates into Resurrection and Lower Treasury at the bottom of East River Express.

You are also put on to the top of Black Eagle if you ski the Sock-it-to-me Ridge area and skate out the cat track.