Crested Butte's famous Spellbound Bowl is sought after on powder days and hold fresh snow on its north facing aspects long after a storm.


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Spellbound Bowl is reached from the top of the North Face Lift via a cat track that heads off to your right and then making a left through the trees and a wide access gate onto a 2-section side step traverse that takes 5-10 minutes.

At the top of the second section you'll find a gate to Highlife on your left, and double black diamond signs pointing you to Spellbound Bowl and Spellbound Glade.

You can head right towards Third Bowl if it's open to access the skier's right of Spellbound known as Pasta Bowl and aggressive technical skiing in East LA.

Spellbound Bowl is technical rolling terrain with some cliff and tree chute options as the terrain funnels you towards the traverses into the Phoenix Bowl area.

The left side is flanked by Spellbound Glade under High Life.

You can stay on the the shoulder on the right to access so steep tree options that will put you towards the Phoenix Bowl traverse.

You can stay left to get onto the Edge or Get on the traverse to Staircase and Rock N Roll Glades.

You can stay right to get to Phoenix Steps, Phoenix Bowl, and Lower Third Bowl.

Depending on where you exit you'll have a little 5-10 minute side step from Phoenix Bowl or Lower Third Bowl.