Hollywood line









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There is quite a variety of choices for this run depending on the conditions du jour.

Either way, it's a gnarly black, so have your wist and skills about you if giving it a go.

Enter directly under Grand View Express chair (unless roped off by Ski Patrol).

This is one of the steepest routes on the mountain, and due to it being directly under chairline, it's super intense with everyone watching! Look out for the stump jump on skiers left near the top; a felled tree with the trunk still balanced on the stump.

In early season, it's a hefty 15-20 feet long, with a 8 foot drop at the end, with trees immediately after; hit it only if confident of a successful outcome! As snow fills it in, it gets progressively mellower.

Just before you get to the lift tower at the base of the steep section, point it straight and carry some speed to get over the short flat section, and avoid the 'jerry crossing' - those who don't make it over the flat! You can take a slight skiers right here to continue on under Tahoe King chairline (some big boulder drops there, so check landings before hitting; one in particular has a long drop with a flat landing! Or cut far skiers right to go onto Preacher's Passion.

After this, there's a few medium size boulders that you can drop conditions permitting; check yourself before you wreck yourself! There's a minefield of large boulders immediately following this, that you can skirt around to skiers left of to take the easiest route down a mogul field.

Alternatively, conditions, skill and bravery permitting, you can navigate through the larger boulders, dropping whatever line choice comes to mind.

Be sure to check landings before you drop! This boulder field gives way to the main mogulled face of Upper Dynamite. From the main boulder field stay skiers left and continue under chairline, which features some medium drops of boulders.

As usual, snow conditions change how realistic this is - scope your landings! Of particular note would be the 'diving board' rock drop just before you rejoin the cat track of Upper Dynamite.

This can be anything from a large to a medium drop depending on snow conditions.

The landing is flat if hit straight on, so cutting left to right on takeoff can help with this.

There is a chairlift pylon pretty soon after the landing, so don't carry too much speed!