Powder filled lower angle tree alleys









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Joe's Jungle is a great option on any powder day, and makes for a great first ridge run for someone just getting in to hiking the ridge.

It is a essentially a large mellow tree area that lies above the Southern High Traverse.

To get to Joe's, head out the Bridger hike to the South.

Keep going past the bomb box at the top of The Nose to the next high point, and before the open upper bowl of Colter's.

Drop in anywhere in this open upper zone.

You can ski much of Joe's fall line through intermittent tree stands and alleys, but you may want to veer off when you see a new untouched lane.

Just after the upper slope rolls into the trees, you may want to be careful of rocks, especially during early season.

After the upper part though, you pretty much don't have to worry about hitting anything below the snow, its super clean.

Joe's can get sunbaked in spots, but usually stays soft and powdery due to the ample shade it gets from all the trees.

At the bottom of Joe's you will be at on the High Traverse between Psychopath and Zits, take whatever out you feel necessary.