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First up, bear in mind if taking this route that you are crossing a ski area boundary, which can get you into trouble in the USA.

as with all tree runs, ride as a group, wear a helmet and have a plan.

For goodness sake, let someone know where you're going and when you expect to be back, so you don't disappear off the face of the earth! Have a cell phone with full battery with you. It is a straightforward route that has a decent length to it, with several line choices depending on entry and exit point.

The final exit point is a cat track that isn't marked on the map, which will take you back inbounds, and allow you to ride the West Bowl chairs back up.

Stay skiers right of the creek, and the run will in general curve you back around to the resort the trees can get a bit tight here, with lots of bumps, so give each other space while traversing.

Take it too far, or miss the cat track however, and you'll be hiking back from Strawberry Lodge; a long walk! Snowboarders will likely want to not drop as deep down into the valley as it's a long flat traverse out.

Either way, however it's a half mile hike back out, whatever you do.

The run itself is pretty mellow, almost blue terrain reminiscent of Sparkle trees or Dragons Teeth, with wide open trees, and a few rock drops.