Entry level tree runs









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The trees to skiers left on Beaver are great on the top section, but don't go much further than 50 feet from the trail as you'll come to a natural gully with bushes that just collapses when you ride over it, making you get stuck! Just after Dogwood joins, there's some excellent trees with the same proviso; a natural gully stops it being practical to going further than 50 feet to skiers left.

When cutting back in from the trees, there are often jibs and natural hits; just be careful and have a spotter if carrying some speed back onto the main trail. Remember in the trees to stay safe; ride in pairs at least, with a helmet and a plan.

Look out for tree stumps and undergrowth in early season; a foot of powder can obscure a lot.

Best to wait until it's really filled in.

In the later season, watch out for the natural gullies where the bushes grow as they often bow over and create bubbles of snow that you can sink down into, requiring a struggle to get out of.