Steep, rocky, winding chute









FATMAP difficulty grade



Lewis and Clark is a great run, but can be pretty rocky, especially in the early and mid seasons.

It doesn't get alot of sun, so the snow usually stays pretty decent.

It does get controlled frequently, so all the fresh powder may be sluffed out.

Head North down the ridge from the Bridger hike.

Right as the ridge flattens out, head down and right.

You will get awesome turns for about 100ft in flat, spaced trees.

As it steepens out, you have two options for entrance.

Right is a North facing wide shoulder, but can be pretty rocky; left is a more direct route, but is a little tighter.

Once in, you can hop turn it pretty easily, dodging all the rocks that litter the chute.

If the snow hasn't been sluffed out, you could just go for it and point it.

Lewis and Clark has a slight left turn at the bottom, just before running out into the apron, but it's not too drastic.

Another option is to take a moderate sized air off the cliff on the skier's left just before the last turn.

Once out, you'll be at the top of the apron that this line shares with Sometimes and Cuckoo's.