Amapola is a little bit steeper than Perdiz.









By going down the Veleta II chairlift you will find Amapola to the right.

Amapola is a little bit steeper than Perdiz, so if it’s your first time here then try Perdiz first.

Normally it is less crowded than Perdiz or Pista del Mar, so it is a good choice if you don’t want to meet a lot of people on your way.

Sometimes you can find little rocks or ice in this first slope as it is southerly and gets too much sun.

The run bends to the right a little bit; if you go straight instead you will be in Pista del Mar of last part of Panorámica. The second part of the run is wider and steeper at the end, so be careful as at the end you will converge in the a flat part with the Perdiz.

Don’t collide with people who are coming from your right.

Ramp: 75 m Length: 382 m Surface: 12224 m2