Long, challenging black run towards the valley









This black run is easily accessible through all three lifts heading up the Zwölferkogel (Zwölfer Nordbahn, Zwölferkogelbahn, Zehner 6er).

The piste can be entered from two points that eventually lead into the main piste.

Starting at almost 2000 meters, it winds itself down towards the valley, with icy patches here and there, but normally this piste isn´t frequented too often by other skiers, so it stays in good shape and can be real fun.

Watch out for moguls in the afternoon if its busy.

This piste is often closed if the conditions aren´t optimal and another factor is, that its mostly in the shade during the day.

It gets occasional grooming, but should there be snowfall during the night, the grooming might not be ideal, so it can be a tricky run.

Expect a great and less technical descent if its groomed and you are heading out early.

The highlight is the last, very steep part, which will be a challenge if your legs are tired.

Luckily, there is a small, blue run which takes you around that last part should you decide to take it.

Once you made your way down, you can take the lift up again straight away, or cross the street to head to the Hochalmbahn, which takes you up to Spieleckkogel and Reichkendlkopf.

This is a nice run for experienced skiers, however, considering the length of it, a few warm-up runs are recommended before heading on it.

If you are used to red runs and want to try a black one, maybe try the 7a on the Schattberg first and if that goes well, then head for the 14.

The Zwölferkogel north descent is considered to be the most challenging black run of the valley though, so shoud you make it down in one piece, the bragging rights are all yours!