A great starting point for going off piste









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After going up the Maulerhubel lift a great option is to to return the way you came by following the line of the chairlift back down to the lift.

The initial section is found by going right off the Maulerhubel piste so that you go under the Maulerhubel chairlift.

This gives lines through young trees that have been growing since the replacement of the old Maulerhubel T-Bar approximately 15 years ago.

If you want to avoid the tighter tree section you can follow the piste down further past the line of trees before taking a hard right to reach the open slope.

From there the slope really opens out which is perfect for people with limited off piste experience.

The gradient is relatively shallow, and therefore a great place for either kids or intermediates wanting to start to explore the joys of off piste! It brings you straight back down to the Maulerhubel/Allmiboden lift stations.

As it is a very sunny option it should be attempted soon after snowfall as it can become both crusty and quickly tracked out due to its proximity to the lift and relative ease.