Shorter open powder skiing with a consequential air or a traverse out









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Tight Squeeze is the Northernmost area in the hanging bowl above Avalanche Gulch.

It is the most exposed to the sun of the 3 lines here, and can get sun baked, especially in the spring.

It also has a couple of rock features, so it is a little more technical than the other 2.

Mid to late season, these rock bands fill in and they are easier to avoid.

Tight Squeeze offers a few really nice opportunities to catch air for the experienced skier.

As you head South on the ridge from the Bridger hike, you will at first be on the West side, just as you get back on the ridge backbone, you will see the open bowl, look down and right this is Tight Squeeze.

You have 400ft of fall line skiing with few obstructions.

As the slope funnels down near the bottom, look left, you will see a red bomb line anchor- this is where your traverse out and to the South starts.

If you feel like getting rad, you have a few options.

Going fall line down the funnel, you will come to a dirty take off above about a 20ft air with a large boulder in the landing.

You must either go absolutely huge and clear the boulder, or go small enough to land above it and still be able to make a turn around it.

This is one of Bridger's gnarliest drops.

Another option is to head a little right of the funnel towards a stand of trees, locating a long South facing pointer chute.

The last option is to go even further right, past the chute, to a series of pillows that will serve as your take offs for 15-20ft airs.