A tougher day but with the reward of increasingly impressive high mountain views.


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From Hile, hike for half an hour or so to reach one of the famous Nepalese suspension bridges.

Cross this and then continue to the village of Ulleri.

This little Magar settlement has proved to be a fertile recruiting ground for the British Army in recent decades, and a disproportionate number of Ghurka soldiers have come the village. After Ulleri there is the first major climb of the expedition to Annapurna Sanctuary - the long grind up stone steps to Banthati village.

There are some beautiful magnolia and rhododendron trees to keep you entertained during the stomp up the steps but it still feels quite tough after a cruisy day yesterday and a few days of sight seeing in Kathmandu and Pokhara! The reward for your efforts is a scenic place to stay - Ghorepani village overlooking the Kali Gandaki valley.

Ghorepani is a famous village and serves as the start point for the hike up Poon Hill.

This requires a (very) early start because the views from the top are best at sunrise, so don’t stay up late in Ghorepani (not that there’s much nightlife!) and get a good night of rest before embarking on the trip. Ghorepani sits at over 2800 metres so it is possible that you may feel the first effects of altitude here.

Drink plenty of fluids and allow your body to make the gradual adjustment to thinner air.

Acclimatisation can be a slow and frustrating experience but at relatively low altitudes like this, it’s just a good excuse to read a good book and drink some tea!