The day where you move from low altitude forests to beautiful high mountains


4 - 5









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Today begins with a long descent down some of Chhomrong's famous stone steps which lead you down to a river bed.

Cross another of the notorious Nepalese suspension bridges and make the climb up to Bhanuwa village, which is perched high above the valley and enjoys some excellent views.

Head north and climb (slightly more gradually) up to the next village - Sinuwa - through rhodendron and bamboo forests. Make a long and enjoyable traverse before dropping down through yet more forests to the tiny settlement of Bamboo.

From Bamboo simply follow the path just to the left of the Modi Kholi river through the village of Dobhan and on to the cluster of lodges known as Himalaya.

The settlement is right next to the river at the bottom of the valley and these 2 factors add up to make it a pretty chilly place! Most people are tucked up in bed early in Himalaya given the paucity of nightlife and the low temperatures. At just under 3000 metres, Himalaya is where your acclimatisation really gets underway.

Even the Annapurna Sanctuary itself is not especially high, but having come this far it would be a shame to have to turn back due to altitude issues.

As such, drink lots of water in Himalaya, move slightly slower than usual and try to get as much rest as possible.

Tomorrow you really head into the high mountains and you will be glad of your acclimatisation efforts.

Enjoy a final night low down before entering the harsh higher altitude terrain above.