Moguls under the Chairlift


Analysing terrain data








Exhibition is a large mobile run the descends below the Ptarmigan chairlift.

To reach this run take either the Grizzly Express Gondola or the Ptarmigan Chair and descend the line just below the Ptarmigan chair.

The view from here is beautiful with Lipalian Mt.

just in front, you can make out the Elevator Shaft and the Purple Bowl.

The pitch is steep here and the moguls are quite large, formed from the natural boulders that make up this fall line.

There are usually powder stashes to be found in the trees on the right-hand side and the left hand side, with tracks usually leading through the trees.

If you continue far enough right into the trees at the top you can meet up with the bottom of Ptarmigan Chute 3 making an excellent run.

You'll end up at the Ptarmigan chair and the Larch chair.