Steep, deep glades leading down to Canis Lupis or Boa









The Condor Woods are one of the most fun areas on the mountain, as you enter from the first opening in the ropes, head down the ridge a little to find the trees a bit less tight, to allow for a more fluid rhythm.

This is a must when the snow has fallen as this area can seemingly collect much more snow than other areas.

Of course this is an expert run due to the skills required to deal with the steep pitch combined with the trees.

If your wanting to step to this area, maybe give runs like Yard Sale and Sticks & Stones, on the other side of Apex Ridge, a go beforehand to find your feet.

This is a great area if you love the trees, take care when the snow is thin later in the season, as roots and stumps can catch you off guard.

Give yourself a quick check of skills and equipment before you go down, it is not a place you want to find yourself stuck halfway down, hence it is better not to ski alone in this area too.