This is the beginner's area. It is on the left side of the double Borreguiles carpet.









This is the first carpet that you come to.

Out of the gondolas, you arrive in the main Borreguiles area; where you can find restaurants, toilets, a ski school and even some material rents or a little store if you have forgotten something.

You will need to walk a few meters to the left to get to beginner's area.

This is the first carpet, you can get to it without skis and to get to the flat above and start your ski lessons if you are complete beginner.

If you already know how to stay with skis on you can get up with your skis.

When you get up to the first carpet you can choose stay in the flat part to start the balance exercises, or take the second carpet, the Maitena, the Dauro or get down this first part.

You will go to your left and will find a medium steep part which is very short.

You will have to really control your speed if you don’t want to crash into the queue at the bottom of the slope.