A gentle blue run with a couple of challenging sections, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and excellent restaurants!


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The run starts just below the Sunnegga station, peeling round to the left, with a traverse leading towards the Wolli Park beginner area.

There is a hairpin bend to the right which opens out onto a rolling top section offering beautiful views.

At the end of this section you can continue straight on to Restaurant Adler (the run continues below and joins back with the main run) or turn on a hairpin to the left, along another traverse (watch out for marmottes in the spring!) The run then bends to the right, rolling down towards a right hand corner with a short but challenging steeper section, just above Chez Vrony restaurant.

Having arrived at the restaurant, assuming you don't need a sit down, continue around to the right, down another very short steep pitch whith Restaurant Enzian and Findlerhof (Franz & Heidi) at the end.

Continue left on a short open section, before the final drop away to the right, on a track, steeper at the top, to the Findeln chair, taking the far entrance to return to Sunnegga, the near entrance to continue to Breitboden/Gornergrat.