Wide freeride slope from Seetäli to Obersäas valley









FATMAP difficulty grade



From the top of Seetälli Tbar turn right and go straight to the first mountain pass on your left.

Usually there is a out of boundaries sign there and you will start a little traverse around 50 meters, after that just hike up the wide ridge about 10 minutes.

Once on the higher pass and on the wide ridge you can see Obersäss valley the red slope (nº24) and probably you should see Schiferbahn middle as well aon your lower right.

This starts with a steep wide slope followed by a fun rolling area.

Watch out on or after windy days because of its face orientation usually gets wind affected especially at the top where the start point is.

Despite that there are lots of options at the beginning, riding down the rolling area and riding slightly to the right.

After that the terrain gets flatter, slope 21 should be visible on your far left, and you can keep riding down where a wide creek will open up.

Its all ridable and it finishes where pistes 21 and 47 merge.