Big wide open turns in a mellow meadow









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Bridger Gully is one of the most popular lines at Bridger Bowl.

You can see this run from many area of the mountain as it shines in the sunlight.

It sees alot of traffic, but skiing it early on a powder morning doesn't get any better.

It can buff out in sections if the wind is right, and despite the traffic, moguls usually don't form here.

The sun can get to the East and South facing parts, while the North facing side stays cool.

Take the Skier's Traverse to the North, after a gentle corner, look down into the open meadow of Bridger Gully.

You can drop in anywhere.

The top section has many pecker trees and rolls, but there are a couple main ways through.

The Southern entrance can be skied very early in the year and is a winding mellow chute through the trees.

Just left of that, and under the Angel's Dust rock, you can ski a decent chute fall line into the middle of Bridger Gully.

This line has an air out early in the season, but fills in quickly.

Left of this, and ust before B.

L.'s is a narrow, steep chute for about 100ft that has a sneak out or an air depending on snow levels.

These are just the 3 main ways, and there are numerous other variations.

Once through the top section you'll be able to arc turns in an open meadow for 500ft before it rolls over into the lines in the 3 Bears area.