A remote bowl that see's little traffic


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East bowl is a remote area past Eagle Ridge.

To get there ascend to the Paradise Chair and continue along the ridge on the Corridor Track.

Once you have passed all of the double diamond areas on Eagle Ridge, just past Crow Bowl on your left-hand side the East Bowl will open up in front of you.

Descend through the cornice into the bowl and head in a left-ish directions to meet up with the East Trees and the Pika Trees below.

This area doesn't seem much traffic because of the long traverse to get to both the Crow bowl and the East Bowl.

The view from the upper Bowls is amazing with Lipalian in front of you, the Purple Bowl and to its left in Redoubt Mt.

further left.

You can choose to either traverse far left back to the Paradise chair or head right to the Temple Lodge, Ptarmigan Chair and the Larch Express.