A short but densely packed journey through some fabulous mountain scenery.


2 - 3









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Start by driving up to the Kemater Alm, a spectacular hut beneath the dramatic Kalkogel mountains.

The hut is a popular sledging destination in winter and it can also be skied to from the ski area of Axamer Lizum via some fantastic free ride terrain.

In summer it is accessible by car and yet still feels peaceful and remote due to its wonderful location.

From the hut follow a good, clear path south-southwest into a gorgeous mountain valley which has a stream trickling down the middle of it.

The valley is reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands and within 10 minutes of walking away from the Kemater Alm you will feel as if you’re in the wilds.

As the valley is about to steepen, double back on yourself and begin climbing up the shrub-covered slopes south of the Sonntagsköpfl.

The climb feels longer than it looks but persevere because the panorama at the top of the ascent (the climb finishes at a col overlooking the Adolf-Pichler Hütte) is utterly spectacular.

The Kalkogel peaks are extremely intricate and reward any time you spend studying them by revealing more of themselves the longer you observe them It’s possible to descend straight to the Adolf-Pichler Hütte but a much better option is to climb up to the summit of the Sonntagsköpfl then make the short descent to the Adolf-Pichler Hütte.

Stop and enjoy a drink on the terrace there before following a jeep track all the way back down to the Kemater Alm.