Technical red slope









Exit the Quattralpina to the right and drop in straight into the steepest and most technical section of the slope, which tends to be quite icy later in the day.

Try and be in control, as another slope crosses in at the bottom.

You can examine the conditions from the chairlift and maybe also see some spectacular crashes.

For the easiest line down cross over to the radio mast and drop in there, which is a good possibility to conquer that slope for intermediates.

If you stay along the embankment on the left, there is less inclination.

You can bypass the first section on blue slopes if you follow slope 4 from the radio mast and turn right at the top station of the Kaibling 6er chairlift to follow the slope 3a. After that the slope gets a lot more fun and is perfect for carving, first on moderate steepness, later it gets a bit steeper again, but the slope is wide, offers enough space and one has a long outrun towards the Du&I Alm skihut.

From the left slope 2 (Ennslingalm-Abfahrt) merges, you just follow along and can choose to take a short steeper stretch to your right or continue to the left and pass by Schmiedhütte(yummy garlic soup served in a bread bun), the ski school and rental and the top station of the gondola (Hauser-Kaiblingbahn 8er), before heading back to the right to Quattralpina chairlift.

You can also continue to the bottom station of the Kaibling 6er chairlift or take one of the two slopes down to the valley.