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The start and finish of the circular route is the Schlossplatz in the historic centre of Rothenbuch.

First follow Spessartweg 1 in the direction of Lohrer Berg/Schutzhütte.

From there we continue via Kniebrech to the Niklaskreuz.

Shortly before the Kniebrech crossroads, you reach the Spessart forest and have another beautiful view down to Rothenbuch.

At Niklaskreuz turn right into Bomiggrund and follow the marker of the Spessartbund Rotes Dreieck.

Shortly after the Bomigsee, stay left and follow the marker of the Spessartbund Rotes X down to the Bohlensteg.

Here the natural paradise Hafenlohtal is already reached.

It is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Germany and almost would have fallen to a reservoir to the Ofper.

His fairytale-like idyll had already prompted the poet Kurt Tuchalsky to make this enthusiastic statement: This is a landscape that no longer exists.

When landscape makes music: this is a German string quartet.

In the Hafenlohrtal there is another change of mark and you now follow the marker of the Spessartbund: Red horizontal line to the hamlet of Lichtenau, where there is another change of marking.

The mark Wilderer Hasenstab leads back to the Eichsee and from there through the Spessart forest up to the Heidlückentür, where you have a wonderful view of Rothenbuch and with a little luck meet a large flock of sheep.

Then it goes through the meadow area back to the starting point at the Schlossplatz.