A blue glade area that is easy to miss!


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This run is a hidden treasure because it's so easy to miss! This the easiest way to find it and the local Strawberry pow.

Take the Strawberry Express and take in the jagged edge of Lookout Mountain (8954 ft) on your left.

It's amazing to watch all the tiny skiers and boarders riding down this massive face.

Once you have unloaded off the chair, continue towards the Snowsnake and just past Boutry Bowl you will find some small trees on the right hand side, continue past this towards the larger trees ahead.

From here enter the Strawberry Surprise.

You can choose to follow the obvious Blue run though the trees or check out the true surprise by dipping further left deeper into the trees and find some local pow.

These glades usually hold good snow for most of the season because they are largely in the shade.

The small but worth it stash will bring you back to the Rock Isle Lake cat track where you can either head over the knoll to Strawberry Express Chair or head further right to meet up with the upper village.