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In 1996, master baker Michael Ertl erected a pretty chapel on the idyllic Leitenwaldhöhe (between Bärnzell-Griesbach) at an altitude of 850 m in memory of his parents.

As a passionate firefighter, he consecrated her to St.


From there a detour to a crossroads with 14 stations is possible.

The glass painter Rainer Freund was responsible for the artistic design: a beautiful hike through an enchanting mixed forest.

The changing landscapes and the visit to the Florianskapelle make this route an interesting hike.train + bus tip- bus stop Stadtlinie Dorfplatz Bärnzell- distance to the railway station approx.

40 min.routeVillage Bärnzell - Kühberg - Tausendbachl - Florianskapelle - Leitenwald - Dorfplatz BärnzellMarking: red 23The starting point is the car park at the bus station in the centre of Bärnzell.

You first walk along the road past the carved bear and the chapel and leave the village in a southerly direction.

Passing a playground and an asphalt floor railway you reach the edge of the forest around Bärnzell.

Here the road turns into a forest road.

After about half a kilometre, at a small stream that crosses, you leave the wide forest path to the right into an ascending, narrower forest path.

One crosses a first clear cut area, where the path continues on the north side of the Kühberg in a climb that remains largely at the same height.

At a bench there is a gap in the forest with a view of the Arber.

The path leads through beautiful mixed forest stands.

At the next signposts keep half left and cross the Gunthersteig.

The trail runs along the lower edge of a cleared woodland area and rises (parallel to the sometimes visible forest road) on a ridge.

After another clearing, this path bends 90 degrees downhill to the left and you reach the forest road again.

Follow this road to the right and after a few metres turn left into an extended forest path to Tausendbachl.

One crosses the stream and is gradually led out of the valley.

Before the forest road reaches the hilltop, turn right and climb up the slope along the fall line.

On the ridge you come across a crossing forest path, which leads to the left up to the saddle of the Leitenwaldhöhe, where the Florianskapelle invites you as a resting place and vantage point.Shortly after the Florianskapelle you leave the high-level path to the left over a steep slope to a clearing area from where you have a beautiful view of Bärnzell and the Schwarzach valley up to Bodenmais with Silberberg and Bischofshaube.

On the further descent the path soon leads out of the forest and you reach the meadows and pastures of Bärnzell.

On asphalted corridors you hike the last part back to the starting point.